Monday, November 4, 2013

Differences Between Tobacco Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette

Tobacco Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette

Now days all of us are familiar with tobacco cigarette. But the number of people is not that much high if we consider Electronic cigarette. A tobacco cigarette is a very old product which has become one of most popular smoking products now a day. Since its invention the popularity is growing up. Other hand, an Electronic cigarette is a very new invention of modern technology. It is not a long time, Electronic cigarette has been invented. But its popularity is growing up constantly also. Here i would like to point out some basic differences of these two types of smoking products. Hope this will help the people who are not aware of these.

Tobacco Cigarette:
Most of the people are very concern of these smoking products. A huge number of people including different ages are used of using this. A tobacco cigarette contains tobacco leave inside of it. The leaves are crashed in very small pieces and then put in after drying them. While inhaling a tobacco cigarette the smoker directly inhale the smoke in. The leave contains huge amount of nicotine. A tobacco cigarette contains about 4000 very toxic chemicals in, which is the main cause of lung cancer? Its smell is awful. And most of the times it irritates others also. A pack of tobacco cigarette cost about $10-$15 USD which is costly.

Electronic cigarette:
An electronic cigarette or an electronic cigarette is a very modern invention of modern technology. The number of its users is increasing rapidly. An Electronic cigarette is mainly consists of three main parts. These are the atomizer, a cartridge and small Li-on battery. By its name it is easy to understand that it is an electronic device. The atomizer does the vaporizing of the liquid. The cartridge holds the liquid nicotine. While inhaling an Electronic cigarette the smoke come through the atomizer. And as it does vaporizing in. no smoke creates. The battery supplies the power on it. All of these are disposable, refillable and rechargeable. The liquid solution can be found in different flavor, which is not awful like a tobacco one. And also here you can choose level of nicotine as you preferred. This is a great advantage of an Electronic cigarette. It does not have any toxic chemicals like a tobacco cigarette. So it is better for a smoker to gain a healthy life. And also it is friendly to nature as it is smokeless. Comparing tobacco cigarette, its price is also very cheap. And as it is reusable, people can save their money by using it also.


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