Monday, November 4, 2013

Easy Way to Quit Smoking

I’m going to start by making a relation that you may powerfully be unlike with. It’s a risk – but you’re without fault or blemish or flaw success with quitting smoking is material. So I feel forced to take the risk.

The relation is this: Hypnosis address’s the very core of the greatest arduousness in stopping smoking – the mental and emotional adhesion. It’s not the nicotine adding or any of the chemicals in tobacco that ties us to the smoking habit as powerfully as it is our mental and emotional adhesion.

If the nicotine or other chemicals in tobacco were your biggest hurdle to quit smoking – there wouldn’t be such a problem with people starting back smoking again months – and sometimes years – after quitting, after every spec of nicotine has left their body.

I hope this asseveration hasn’t pushed you away and that you’re still with me. Because awareness of this puts “you” in control and increases your chances of success, to help you quit smoking permanently.

It’s material to apprehend the reason for this detection in guilt. You see I tried and failed to quit smoking at least a dozen times. And each time, I instructed all the demons that drag 50% of us who try to quit smoking, back into the pack. I couldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer without a cigarette – so that kept dragging me backwards. I always felt agitated after a meal because I couldn’t have my regular “after meal cigarette”.

There were always craving thoughts in the back of my mind reminding me that I wanted a cigarette. Like when I had to condense on something. Or when I got angry about something. And after “quitting”, getting angry became all too common! So I was very well acquainted with what they call “nicotine withdrawn” symptoms.

When I finally quit smoking, using a system I developed after years of studying self-help, hypnosis, and psychology type books, my smoking habit dissolved away proximately. So much, that there was never any thought that entered my mind again to have a cigarette – like I had never smoked a cigarette before in my life. There were never any urges, or cravings, or emotional shaking, or replacing the habit with snacking or anything like that.

This is so material that I’m risking losing your open mind. But think about it – if someone who had it as bad as I did – trying and failing to quit smoking a dozen times or better – was still able to feel proximately like they’d never smoked a cigarette before in their life – that means the weightiness of nicotine withdrawn has little or no cogency.

That means it’s really the “habit mechanical construction” in the machine we call our mind’s that truly binds us to the smoking habit.


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