Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Quit Smoking

The real gist of the inquiry I believe that most smokers want to know the answer to is “how can I quit smoking easily?” or “how can I quit smoking without any effort?” or “how can I quit smoking when I haven’t the willpower to?”

The answer to these questions is a serviceable piece of intelligence because quitting smoking is generally seen as a very beset with difficulty thing to do. When I finally managed to quit smoking back in early 2007, I actually found it very easy. What was the reason for this? Well, I knew when I made my last attempt.

Unlike 95% of smokers, when I quit smoking, I had actually learned before I bothered doing it. By learning what had to be done in advance, I found the process of quitting very easy.

Most smokers, when they chose to quit, do so without the full perception of what they are trying to do. They start by ‘giving up’ cigarettes and hoping to ‘beat the cravings’. They enter into the process knowing that they are going to have a battle on their hands.

To put it another way, any normal person will refer to the owner’s manual of a car, before attempting to change a wheel or even a light bulb on the vehicle. Once they have read the manual regarding changing the light bulb or the wheel, they will never read it again, because they know now how to do it. What’s more, when they do it for the first time, they know what to do and what to expect throughout the process.

The deviation of course between changing a bulb and quitting smoking is that hopefully, you should only quit smoking once! But why is it that most people try to quit smoking several times?

Studies have shown that smoker on average take about 7 attempts, normally over several years to quit smoking. Whoa! That’s outrageous! Could you imagine how many cars would be given up on the road if we didn’t bother reading our owner’s manuals?

The reason of course why smokers take so many attempts to quit smoking is that they don’t know what they are doing! Each attempt is like another fumble round the back of the gym on prom night. But making light of this is unfair. When I quit, I knew what I was doing – I was like an unstoppable sex machine! This made quitting so easy; it isn’t even worth making mention of.


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