Monday, November 4, 2013

Which Way is Best For Quitting Smoking

It’s about more than hundred years, men are using tobacco cigarettes. For the last 100 years the numbers of its users are increasing rapidly. But now a day’s lot of women smokers is also seen in many countries. But did we ever think about the risk of smoking? Do we all aware of the bad effect if it? All kind of smoking products seriously cause harm to our health. It is the main causes of Lung cancer. And also it is one of the reasons causing mouth cancer, throat cancer also. The nicotine in cigarette causes addiction to the smoker. So it is difficult for a smoker to leave smoking. Manufacturers always tried to make such products which will help the smokers to get same experiences of smoking but causing less harm. And Electronic cigarette is the product which fulfills the gap. Lots of people get positive results after using Electronic cigarette.
Electronic cigarettes is just look alike a tobacco one. But there are lots of differences between these two. From the name it is easy to understand that it is an electronic device which doesn’t create any smoke. Instead, the smokers inhale very thin line of vapor spray. And also it does not make any ash, no toxic smoke like carbon monoxide, tar or flame. In tobacco cigarettes, smokers directly inhale nicotine (after burning) in. But in vapor cigarette or electronic cigarette, the nicotine passes through liquid cartridge. So the nicotine is vaporized. A small battery supplies the power on it. Thus it became friendly to the smoker. And also it is very helpful to the nature and the non-smoker. In electronic cigarette smokers can select their level of nicotine. Where in tobacco cigarettes, it’s fixed. When using an electronic cigarette user can gradually reduce their level of nicotine slowly but surely.
Research shows that in tobacco cigarettes, nicotine take about 15 seconds to reach body nerves. And as it’s same in e-cig, by this time the atomizer vaporize the nicotine and make it safe.  It is believed and also proved that an electronic cigarette is a great way of quitting smoking. And also if you think of saving money also, this is the best way of smoking. Because comparing with tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarette is 70% cheaper.


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